Legacy, what legacy?

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As reported in the New York Times business section on Jan. 23, the London Olympic authorities are having trouble finding uses for many of last summer’s Olympic Games venues as promised, most notably the main Olympic Stadium. Fabric Architecture reported on many of the temporary venues in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue, and like everyone, we were led to believe that the Olympic Delivery Authority had all the post-game logistics worked out for repurposing, relocating or recycling all the venues and support facilities that were not designated permanent or originally destined for specific use after the games. Now, according to the Times, this process is apparently bogged down in negotiations or legal issues and the structures’ futures are uncertain.



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  • Steve Fredrickson


    We have taken back all of the membranes used to expand the swimming facility and its now being recycled.

  • Nic Goldsmith

    No Suprise

    No surprise here; re-purposing facilities is a slow and difficult task. Our AT&T Olympic Facility in '96 took several years to be rebuilt as a car showroom, our Dyson product launch exhibit was re-purposed for the China Olympics and our Harley-Davidson traveling exhibit never made it out of storage after it toured the country for a year during Harley's 100 birthday and these were all very flexible spaces. I think part of the problem is connecting the clients who need this type of facility with the Owners or renters who have it sitting in a warehouse.

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