Rooftop gutter and ETFE clamping assembly

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PTW Architects designed the Beijing National Aquatic Center to take advantage of ETFE’s lightweight to clad the entire building with the air-filled pillows (“bubbles”)—twice! First, for a protective exterior façade and second, for an interior “façade” of the same material with a 5m airspace between them. At the roof level, rain gutters are built into the structure that runs between pillows (below detail) and a clamping edge for the multi-layer ETFE pillow is integrated into the gutter wall. Air supply hoses, connected to a supply manifold provide each bubble with the proper air pressure to maintain structural integrity.

Helen Elias is a contributing editor for Fabric Architecture. Her piece on the memorial to the victims of the Madrid train bombings appeared in the March/April issue.


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  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez

    Needs Info

    Hi, my name is Hector lopez and I'm interested in your product, to put in my geodesic houses, could you please send me information, and do I need to send you the size of my house?

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