<p>An auto dealer shade saddle shades cars and people, and offers a sustainable extra.</p>

An auto dealer shade saddle shades cars and people, and offers a sustainable extra.

  • Bold, innovative and eco-friendly fabrics

    The latest outdoor fabric trends provide unlimited possibilities to dress up ordinary spaces. Incorporating these innovative, bold and eco-friendly fabrics into your design can help turn your client’s space into the trendiest spot on the block.

    Bright colors paired with neutral colors can make an outdoor space standout. Sunbrella® offers numerous fabric colors to match a variety of outdoor spaces. Bright, yet stylish Sunbrella Tresco Clay, when used on a retractable awning, will create a warm and inviting outdoor environment.

    Bring the style of indoor fabrics outside with innovative outdoor fabrics that are high quality and colorful. From large shade structures to lounge areas, tie outdoor environments together with fabric choices. In addition to looking great, high-quality outdoor fabrics are water-repellent, mildew-resistant and provide premium comfort. Tri Vantage offers outdoor furniture fabrics rich in colors and textures, and tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

    The latest generation of fabrics is made of organic cotton, bamboo and other recycled materials, blending texture, style and color with nature. Colored dyes found in these newer fabrics are organically treated, notably color-resistant and durable. They are weather and fade resistant. Some are eco-friendly and recycled, as well as recyclable. Designed for shading and seating applications, indoors or out, these fabrics feature soft, touchable textures and offer many color and pattern choices. They are ideal for creating a “green” space and a coordinated look.

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