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Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl to chair Sattler AG managing board

Company News, News | June 4, 2021 | By:

Sattler AG has named Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl as its chair of the managing board. He takes over from Herbert Pfeilstecher, who was a member of the managing board since 2001 and the chair since 2007.

From left, Lisbeth Wilding, Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl and Herbert Pfeilstecher. Photo: © Sattler AG.

During his tenure, Pfeilstecher steered the company, based in Gössendorf, Austria, into its most successful phase of its existence, according to a company press release.

“Herbert Pfeilstecher made several landmark decisions and implemented them successfully,” said Tessmar-Pfohl. “During his time with the company, diverse branch offices and companies were acquired, among them the locations in Greven, Germany, and Hudson, N.C., which considerably strengthened the position of the Sattler Group in the market.”

Together with Lisbeth Wilding, a member of the managing board, Tessmar-Pfohl will lead Sattler Group into the future. As part of the succession planning, Pfeilstecher passed on the responsibility of the business units SATTLER SUN-TEX and SATTLER PRO-TEX to Tessmar-Pfohl. Wilding will take on the CFO position and will additionally be responsible for human resources, IT, organizational development and management system, as well as for the business unit SATTLER CENO.

“In our family company, Sattler, planning succession in the long-term is an essential element of the corporate culture,” Pfeilstecher said. “This is why we had planned this transfer long before, and as of January 2022 I will also step down from the managing board. I will of course continue supporting the company with advice when required.”

“The new structure of the group is firm and stable and despite the economic impact of the COVID pandemic, the Sattler Group continues on the road to success,” Wilding added.

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