Patio canopy and soffit

April 1, 2004

This patio canopy was designed to provide weather protection for hotel patrons while maintaining a very high aesthetic standard for a world class hotel. Concealed trusswork hides special roller curtains that can be lowered during inclement weather. Stainless steel cables keep the curtains in place, even on windy days, and a taut ceiling liner hides …

Canopy “break away” ties

A fabric covered courtyard canopy at a large high-rise office complex in Houston required specially designed “break away” roof attachments. The detail involved using a combination D-ring and extra-high tensile strength nylon zip ties calculated to break at the required high winds release measure of 112km/hr. The fabric roof has tabs sewn underneath which hold …

Interior toldos—sliding shades

The new Salt Lake City Library features a simple, but effective bit of ancient technology normally found outside. A six-story interior atrium links the interior spaces of all levels of the library with the outside, including the Children’s Library located in the basement. But while the atrium opens up each level to nature, it creates …

Entrance canopy

April 1, 2001

As the footings for the support posts were done by an independent contractor, each had to be measured and verified to ensure that the canopy would seat properly on its structure. The decorative posts were a challenge because the intersection of the 7.62cm(3-in.) square posts intersected the 3.81cm(1 1/2-in.) square horizontal beams creating complicated 3D …

Tiered, stepped canopy

This project from Miami, Fla., won an International Achievement Award from the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The design utilizes light-permeable and hurricane-resistant textured canopies to provide protection and decoration to the outdoor escalators while preserving the openness of the mall. Project data Client: Rouse Bayside Marketplace Architect: D’Agnostino Izzo Quirk Architects Fabricator: Miami Awning Co. …

Tensile canopy

In Thousand Island Park, N.Y., a home inspired by 1920s-era steamer ships sports canvas deck-covers on both ends. Project data Client: Private residence Canopy designer: Elizabeth Murrell Architect: Steve Taylor Fabricator: The Frame Shop (cover), Steve Taylor Builder (frame) Project manager: V. William Murrell, Fabric Structures Inc. Fabric: Fluorotop 1002 from Ferrari

Lateral arm/retractable awning

These awnings are becoming more popular because of their functional flexibility. They are taut and clean, whether open or closed, can cover large deck spaces, and come with the option of a motor. Project data Client: Private residence Fabricator: Queen City Awning Fabric: Sunbrella

Patio canopy and soffit

Detail shows section through a typical truss rafter in this addition to a restaurant outdoor room. Project data Client: Blue Finn Restaurant, Seaville, N.J. Fabricator: Globe Canvas Products Fabric: Ultrashade 101 by Highland Industries

Canopy with sidewalls

Detail shows attachment of framing to existing building. Sidewalls are held down with ground stakes. The entire assembly is designed to have fabric coverings removed during the cold season. Project data Client: Hohnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia Structual engineer: H.B. Daugherty Fabricator: Globe Canvas Products Fabric: Patio 500/Pro-tec by John Boyle & Co.

TransHab and the space architects

September 1, 1999

Revolutionizing structures in space with fabric and technology By Kriss J. Kennedy Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in Sept/Oct 1999 issue of Fabric Architecture. At the time, Kriss J. Kennedy was a space architect at the NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. He is internationally known in the space industry for his accomplishments in …