Textiles help turn mycelium into building material

December 1st, 2023

BioKnit, a prototype researchers created using mycocrete. They constructed the self-supporting dome by securing merino yarn tubes to a solid structure and then filled the tubes with mycocrete. Image: The Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment A team of scientists and engineers in the Living Textiles Research Group in the Hub for Biotechnology in […]

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Mood art at the Microsoft Research Center

May 1st, 2020

An art installation that smiles back Programmed to react to human expression, Ada is driven by artificial intelligence in real time, offering multiple opportunities for participants to interact with the sculpture, which changes color and light depending on the mood in the room. Photos: Jake Knapp. Walk into the atrium of Building 99, a Microsoft […]

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An experiential exhibit of fabric color, texture and performance

September 1st, 2019

Visitors to the Casalis booth at Milan Design Week last April took a tour through a labyrinth of color and texture, including acoustic textiles and biodegradable carpet. Photos: Nicole Marnati. When Belgian textile designer Casalis returned to Milan Design Week in April after a three-year absence, the company made a statement with its signature style. […]

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Knitted textile supports thin concrete structure

June 1st, 2019

Photos: Juan Pablo Allegre. A striking, double-curved pavilion recently on exhibit at the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City showcased an experiment with the materials and processes used in construction. The installation was framed using a knit textile that supports its thin concrete structure. Dubbed KnitCandela, the piece is a tribute to Spanish-Mexican architect and […]

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