Rian True connects Carolina CoverTech to core values

June 1st, 2024

Photo: Whitney Boykin High Cotton Photography Founded as Bailie’s Furniture Company in 1858, Carolina CoverTech of North Augusta, S.C., is thriving in its third—and most transformative—era, due to the leadership of CEO Rian True. His early efforts in reshaping the company’s approach to manufacturing laid the foundation for a strategic vision that endures today, bolstered […]

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The happiness effect

April 1st, 2024

Photography by © 2023 Mark Skalny Photography Tony Ehrbar, owner and CEO of American Tent LLC, in Green Bay, Wis., didn’t realize he wanted to be an entrepreneur until he was 32. Burned out from years of consulting work and dissatisfied with corporate life, he was inspired to take on a new professional challenge after […]

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Renewed strength in domestic manufacturing

December 1st, 2023

Advanced economies are now serious about boosting their manufacturing. In the U.S., textile market opportunities include high-end segments such as medical, aerospace, defense and infrastructure. Image: Dreamstime Since the pandemic, the world economy has been full of anomalies. With a strong labor market, one normally expects higher demand in daily nonessentials such as clothing, home […]

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