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A fort for the record books

Case Studies | February 1, 2020 | By:

A record-breaking blanket fort was assembled last August in Leeds, U.K. The public was invited to tour the cozy space, enjoy refreshments and take part in a range of games. Photos: Time4Sleep.

Remember as a kid the fun of building a fort with your friends? The folks at Time4Sleep, a U.K.-based bed and bedroom furniture retailer, channeled those good memories when they decided to build a record-breaking fort made out of blankets.

The Time4Sleep team chose Millennium Square in Leeds, U.K., for the location of the project. They pieced together 770 blankets to create a structure that stretched across 7,115 square feet, breaking the previous record of 6,736 square feet. 

The multicolored blankets were held together with staples—about 30,000 in all—and cable ties. A team of more than 15 people took a week to fasten the blankets together. Then they assembled the fortress in one day for an event open to the public. 

Ultimately, the massive structure used 10,441 square feet of blankets to line the roof and walls. The entire project, from concept to implementation, took 90 hours. After the fort was on display for the public, it was disassembled and the blankets were donated to charity. For more information, visit

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