Textiles and PFAS: Managing the legal risks

April 1, 2024  |  Markets

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of several thousand fluorinated organic compounds. Because of their unique physical and chemical properties, PFAS have been widely used in everything from consumer products such as textiles to industrial applications such as firefighting foams.
2024 IBC code changes affect temporary structures

April 1, 2024  |  Markets

Every three years the International Code Council® (ICC®) publishes a new set of International Codes®. These include the International Building Code® (IBC®) and the International Fire Code® (IFC®). The latest edition year of the ICC codes is the 2024 set. Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) pa…
Transparency tech: solutions for materials tracking

February 1, 2024  |  Markets

Supply chain traceability is increasingly important to hold various entities, such as brands and product manufacturers, accountable for the claims they make.
Renewed strength in domestic manufacturing

December 1, 2023  |  Markets

Since the pandemic, the world economy has been full of anomalies. With a strong labor market, one normally expects higher demand in daily nonessentials such as clothing, home textiles and home accessories; the financial reports of major retailers, such as Walmart Inc. and Canadian retailer Loblaw Co…
Inflatable space habitats undergo testing

November 1, 2023  |  Markets

Inflatable habitats are not only under development for the moon but also low Earth orbit (LEO). Sierra Space Corp. and Blue Origin are two of the organizations involved with the Orbital Reef, the first commercial space station. The goal is having it operational before the end of the decade because t…
Algorithms aid researchers with heat-responsive fabric

October 1, 2023  |  Markets

Engineers from Japanese clothing company A-POC Able Issey Miyake and University of Tokyo startup Nature Architects Inc. Ltd. presented their innovative approach to the design process at this year’s Milan Design Week held April 17–23, showcasing how algorithms can be used to automate and streamli…
Inflatable textile art shown by Dior in Paris

June 1, 2023  |  Markets

In partnership with Dior, Portuguese sculptor Joana Vasconcelos created the site-specific textile structure Valkyrie Miss Dior to present 20 fabrics from the fashion company’s autumn/winter 2023–2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week. The models walked through the giant fabric artwork as they…
Textile industry leaders discuss 2023 market challenges

May 1, 2023  |  Markets

The Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) board chair, Amy Bircher, and the ATA first vice chair, Roy Chism, responded to questions about the industry in 2022 and where it may be going in 2023.