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Fun and funky fabric murals

Features | April 1, 2020 | By:

Once the sweeping banner was installed in the new Chotto Matte restaurant in Toronto, Canada, the artist Lefty Out There completed it with a vibrant graffiti-like mural. Photos: Eventscape Inc.

The latest outpost of the cool, contemporary London restaurant Chotto Matte opened last year in Toronto, Ont., Canada. Known for Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, the restaurant offers a playful dining experience with luxury bento boxes, signature cocktails, a robata grill and a sushi bar.

The colorful, immersive interior of Chotto Matte is also part of the experience. Designed by Andy Martin Architecture, the 10,000-square-foot space has a trendy Tokyo feel complete with a graffiti-like mural painted by internationally known street artist Lefty Out There.  

The mural was engineered, fabricated and installed by Eventscape Inc., a Toronto, Canada-based custom art and architectural fabricator. It consists of three ribbons of pillow-cased fabric banners installed on an aluminum tubular frame. Engineering the ribbons was a challenge in the restaurant’s long and narrow space. Each one was approximately 154 feet long, and varied from 6.5 to 20 feet wide. The ribbons were independent of each other and were wrapped around the building columns, supported on the ceiling structure and on a wall. 

Eventscape began the installation by taking a 3D scan of the space to digitally model the features. This enabled the company to precisely engineer the installation and still achieve the free-form quality of the intertwining ribbons as they were wrapped around the structural columns and HVAC equipment. One ribbon ran the entire length of the restaurant, while the other two stopped and started at the central steel stairs, with one dipping down to the floor and secured with a stainless steel shoe. For more information, visit

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