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Portable solar ‘clouds’ designed for remote locations

Case Studies | July 1, 2021 | By:

An architecture and planning studio based in the U.K. has proposed an “ephemeral station” that could provide remote communities and other locations with energy, water and shelter. The project by OF. Studio, designed for the state of Nevada, takes its inspiration from the banyan tree and hot air balloons. Under the “clouds,” a steel frame on ground plates is attached to the primary structure of cotton layered with photovoltaic panels. The top consists of a recycled polycarbonate balloon with an aluminum underbelly ceiling. Mimicking a process used by small boats at sea to create fresh water, it collects water for cooling the panels, which can also be purified for drinking water. The station can be moved and transform in shape according to weather conditions, and it can be expanded to shelter a larger space and provide more energy. Photo: OF. Studio. 

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