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Shade sails provide comfort at Target Field

Projects | July 1, 2024 | By:

With summer comes baseball and the need for more shade at the ballpark – even in Minnesota. 

Canvas Craft worked on its first shade solution at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, in 2016. That project, in partnership with Mortenson Construction, was to design and build the centerfield shade structure at Target Field.

This year, the club requested an update to each of the three shade sails in the centerfield upper deck. 

“For Target Field, the goal was to continue to provide shade solutions that left attendees feeling cool and comfortable, all while providing a visually pleasing experience,” says Matt Franta, Canvas Craft president. 

For this specific project, the new shade sails included a specific Pantone color match and logos and brand designs for the new sponsor. Canvas Craft partnered with Big Ink to make sure that the printed copy and layout were visually appealing, as each of the three shade sails was a different size and shape.

“In this case, it was important to showcase the sponsor of this refreshment area, incorporating the correct brand elements and styles,” Franta says. “Ultimately, the goal was to help Target Field protect what matters: Their sponsor’s investment and their attendee’s comfort.”

Finding the right fabric was key to the success of the project. It needed to be mesh so it didn’t block any views, but also durable enough to last for multiple seasons. The Canvas Craft team ended up choosing Ultraflex Strip Mesh Plus to meet those demands.

“The last challenge was getting detailed site measurements,” Franta says. “For this project, we also used satellite images to make sure that spacing and layout would result in a perfectly designed and installed product.”

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