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Sculptural installation reflects theme of time and change

Landscapes | May 1, 2008 | By:

Jens J. Meyer, Visual Artist | Essen, Germany

Hovering archives was a temporary art project in Hafen, in the harbor of Hamburg, Germany. The idea was to make the change of a fast-growing new neighborhood visible while connecting it to the history of the site. In daytime, the hourglass shape of the sculptural installation relates the project, which won an Award of Excellence in the architectural structures category of the 2007 International Achievement Awards, to the theme of time and change. At night, projections of fragmented historical photos of the harbor were shown and projectors made a collage of quotations, relating the project to the memory of the site. A very light installation (total weight of rope and cloth was 120kg), it hovers in a gap between two buildings.

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