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Cooley furthers commitment to sustainability, corporate social responsibility

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Cooley strives to lead industry sustainability efforts, better local communities and protect the environment

Cooley Group is a designer, developer and manufacturer of high-performance, sustainable, engineered membranes for advertising, chemical containment, military, environmental protection and roofing initiatives. Recently the company announced additional developments that underscore its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The developments are part of a larger social responsibility commitment by Cooley to lead the industry’s sustainability efforts; better serve its customers through sustainable solutions; support the communities where Cooley works; and protect the broader environment.

Deb Bedrosian, a seven-year Cooley Group human resource leader, has been promoted to Director of Human Resources and Social Responsibility. Bedrosian’s will identify opportunities for Cooley’s people to support the company’s local communities as well as ensure Cooley’s vendors and partners adhere to the same level of sustainability and corporate social responsibility as Cooley.

“Cooley’s social responsibility commitment is very much aligned with Howard Shultz, CEO, Starbucks (and a Cooley customer) that ‘Companies should not have a singular view of profitability,’” said Mr. Dwight. “We are serious about attracting and growing the best talent, and ensuring that talent contributes in an authentic and impactful way to Cooley’s broader social responsibility objectives.”

Cooley has implemented a number of best practices that help preserve natural resources and improve human health. Most recently, Cooley created Enviroflex PE, the first non-PVC, 100-percent recyclable print media as well as the world’s first 5-meter-wide water reservoir covers and liners to protect scarce water supplies. The company also expanded development of chemical containment solutions for hydraulic natural gas fracking and other chemical containment applications.

The company has modified the chemistry of some of its core products to contain increased levels of recycled product re-grinds, making its manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly. Additionally, Cooley has recently replacing manufacturing facility lighting with more energy-efficient lights. The company also has reduced its gas energy consumption by 75 percent and its material waste generation during production by 70 percent.

Cooley Group designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, sustainable engineered membranes used in applications including outdoor advertising, water, fuel and chemical containment, military and commercial roofing initiatives. Cooley Group works with multinational partners to develop proprietary products and solutions.

Source: Cooley Group

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