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RENSON® and VELUX® collaboration introduces Topfix VMS Exterior sun shade

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In collaboration with VELUX, RENSON, a European developer and manufacturer of sun shading and ventilation system solutions, introduces the specialized Topfix VMS to the North American market. As an optimized version of the company’s RENSON ZipShade® Top motorized external zip screen for skylight applications, the Topfix VMS utilizes the same wind-tight, motor-operated technology, with the addition of special mounting feet specifically engineered for both fixed and movable VELUX Modular Skylight modules.

As a motor-operated sunscreen, the Topfix VMS minimizes solar gain in highly glazed skylight applications, while still achieving desired natural lighting. With its integration into the building management system, the screen can be extended or retracted in order to minimize unwanted glare and reflection throughout the day, reducing the cooling load of the building and improving occupancy comfort.

“With the U.S. market becoming more aware of the advantages of exterior sun shading solutions, we’re excited to see product demand translate into collaborative innovations like the Topfix VMS system,” said Maxim De Vriese, export sales manager at RENSON. “We are eager to see what can be accomplished with this collaboration, particularly as exterior sun shading provides numerous benefits that complement the goals of natural daylighting, including enhanced energy efficiency and occupant comfort.”

The Topfix VMS skylight shade employs RENSON’s ZipShade technology, providing notable fabric tension and wind resistance up to 75 mph. Its proprietary design integrates quality screen fabrics, to which zippers are affixed and move within a side channel and guide system that ensures smooth extension/retraction, consistent fabric tension and robust resistance to the elements. The Topfix VMS skylight shade is available in a variety of colors, as well as with blackout shade options.

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