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Serge Ferrari North America introduces Stam 6002L

News | March 1, 2016 | By:

Stam® 6002L, announced at IFAI Expo last October, is now available in North America through Serge Ferrari’s distribution partners TriVantage and Keyston Bros.

Stam 6002L is an evolution of the Classic version of Stam 6002, a material for awnings, canopies, fixed umbrellas, small tents and other light structures. The new product has similar performance characteristic as its predecessor, including a natural fiber woven appearance, excellent UV resistance, heat and weather protection, a matt PVDF varnish for dirt resistance, and excellent tensile and tear strength for long-term aesthetics and durability.

Stam 6002L is phthalate free and GreenGuard certified, and offers customers two added benefits: the material is lighter in weight, and it’s available in shorter 67-inch roles, making it easier to store, handle and install.

Stam 6002L has an updated color offering. Outdated colors were removed and new colors Lagoon, Caribbean Blue and Pepper, have been introduced, for a total palette of 15 contemporary colors.

The changes to the Stam 6002L product line are in response to customer feedback and technological advances in Serge Ferrari’s manufacturing. Stam 6002 Classic will continue to be available with its own color range stocked in France. Stam 6002L is only available in North America through distribution. At this time, Keyston Bros. and TriVantage are the only distributors in North America to stock all available colors of Stam 6002L.

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