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ICC Code hearing update

News, Reports | June 28, 2016 | By:

The International Code Council (ICC) held Committee Action Hearings (CAH) hearings on the Group B sections of the International Fire Code (IFC) in Louisville, Ky. April proposals had been entered for modifications to the IFC that would affect IFAI divisions Tent Rental Division (TRD), Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) and the Fabric Structures Association (FSA).

Tom Markel, who has been representing TRD throughout the ICC code process, agreed to additionally represent PAMA and FSA on code proposals that affected all three divisions. In addition to Markel, the following members were present:

  • PAMA Vice-Chairman, Mike Gatti (Herculite)
  • PAMA member, Peter Weingartner (President, Queen City Awning)
  • TRD Chairman, Mike Holland (President, Chattanooga Tent Services)
  • TRD Steering Committee Member, Lync Aldershof (Verseidag US)
  • IFAI Division Supervisor, Andrea Jauli

View the full report on the proposals and modifications for more information.

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