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Fabric Images Inc. adds 16 foot dye sublimation print technology

News | December 19, 2016 | By:

Fabric Images Inc. has announced the expansion of its Superwide XL dye sublimation print offerings with the addition of a new 16 foot wide Black Widow dye sublimation printer. This new offering will afford clients high-definition quality, cost effective graphics at widths up to 16 feet, allowing tension fabric solutions and messaging to become larger without seams.
This print technology integrates a new unique chemistry that offers an outstanding color gamut and high resolution graphic output on polyester-based materials.

As stated by Marco Alvarez, president and CEO of Fabric, “Five years ago Fabric Images launched Superwide XL with 15 foot seamless fabric printing. While this afforded wider graphic opportunities without seams, the solvent-based chemistry limited fabric selection. Bringing on this new dye sublimation chemistry opens the door for more fabric options, offers a much broader color gamut and creates a methodology for resolution that is much higher. It is like going from a regular television to ultra-high-def 4d.”

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