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Awnings provide triple coverage for terrace

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Canada may be known for its long, dark winters, but its summer sun can be intense. To combat the heat and glare of direct sunlight on a backyard deck, Rolltec Rolling Systems Ltd. of Concord, Ontario, Canada, worked with a client to create a three-piece retractable awning system.

“This project required adequate coverage for an uneven elevated porch,” says Helen Golubev, Rolltec’s general manager. “One large terrace-style awning was installed in the center of the porch, and two classic lateral-style awnings were installed at each side of the terrace awning. The lateral-style awnings were mounted at a slightly lower elevation than the 19-foot terrace-style awning. The three awnings overlapped accordingly to provide an unhindered safeguard.” A Somfy Systems motor powers the large center awning. The two lateral awnings are manually retractable.

The customer wanted the awning to be removable so the fabric would be unexposed during the winter. “A retractable awning was the best solution,” Golubev says. “The client required sufficient sun protection for his patio doors and entertainment area, and shelter from the sun in its varying positions.”

The client chose a striped acrylic fabric, manufactured by Sattler Corp. of Hudson, N.C. The fabric provides light rain protection and is primarily for shade. It’s made from spun-dyed acrylic fiber and features high UV fastness, dirt and water repellency, and a breathable texture.

The uneven shape of the deck made this assignment particularly unique for a retractable awning solution. “The complexity of configuration was in the selection of the perfect awning to envelop the exact size of the porch,” Golubev says.

Rolltec Rolling Systems Ltd. made the frames in its facility and handled the design, manufacture and installation. The frame is bolted onto the brick exterior of the house so no special anchoring hardware was needed. The lateral awnings had pockets sewn into the ends where an extrusion has a groove to hold the fabric. A suspension system holds the lateral arms in place. The central awning has a spring and belt system that holds tension on the fabric. The design gives the client the flexibility of having just the doors or the central deck shaded.

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