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Tempotest Visualizer app offers virtual reality for awnings

News | July 9, 2018 | By:

Tempotest Visualizer® is time-saving app for smartphones and tablets that allows fabricators to choose the type of awnings and Para Tempotest® fabric suitable through “augmented” or virtual reality.

The app allows users to use existing photographs and project various awning styles in 3D with any combination of fabrics available from the Tempotest® collection. The awning, virtually placed over a window, can then be adjusted in size according to different tastes or needs, maintaining the designs and repeat scale of the Tempotest® fabric. The awning will then be visible from various angles.

Tempotest Visualizer accommodates this work in four steps:


  1. Set any location or select an existing photo, then add one or more awnings.
  2. Choose the type of awning and the Tempotest fabric pattern or color.
  3. Place and size the awning.
  4. Save the photo and instantly send it or share it with anyone, even on social networks.

The Tempotest Visualizer is designed to be used by both awning professionals and their potential customers. Virtual reality takes the guesswork out of choosing the various awning styles and Tempotest fabric patterns. The app is available for free via download on Apple and Android devices in the Apple Store and/or Google Play.

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