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Pink pavilion floats in Belgium

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The SelgasCano pavilion, floating on a canal in Bruges, was designed to be a dramatic and delightful contrast to the historic architecture surrounding it. Photos: Iwan Baan.

The historic city of Bruges, Belgium, with its medieval architecture, network of canals and cobblestone streets, is also home to an excitingly modern architecture festival. The Triennale Brugge, which runs through September 2018, showcases designs by contemporary architects and artists from around the world.

This year’s theme, Liquid City, challenged the designers to consider architecture in a world that is rapidly changing. The waterways of Bruges provided the inspiration to think about what makes people connect.

Architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano, of the Spanish firm SelgasCano, created a design that floats on the Coupure Canal. It features a hot pink vinyl pavilion on top of a bright yellow wooden base.
The pavilion has a sense of liquidity, with a chrysalis-like shape that somewhat resembles a caterpillar wrapped around the edge of the timber platform. It was assembled at the canal site; materials were adjusted by welding and stretching to fit in place. The structure is supported with steel rods.

Visitors can hang out, sunbathe and relax on the spacious platform. They can also stroll through
the pavilion to get a unique view of the city, as the light filtering through the pink walls changes perspective and perception. For further details, visit

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