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Robotic fabric flowers react to people

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Commissioned by Chodov Centre in Prague, the light-filled Meadow exhibit is currently on display at the exhibition “Ongoing Design–New Design by Old Friends” at Kazerne in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Photos: Kazerne.

The natural world is constantly changing. Take a walk through a meadow and the view is different from one moment to the next. That’s the idea behind the kinetic sculpture called “Meadow,” on display at Dutch Design Week 2018 last October.

Studio Drift, an Amsterdam-based design firm, created the sculpture to explore the way in which inanimate objects can mimic changes in the natural world, and evoke the same kind of character and emotion. Meadow is like a field of flowers presented upside down: Visitors gaze up and see the colorful blooms open and close in response to their presence in the space.

The robotic flowers feature integrated sensors that react to people as though they were the sun causing the blossoms to open. As they expand, the fabric petals of the flowers change in size, shape and color. The light inside also grows, creating diffuse illumination of the entire pendant.

The sensors create different “moods” as the light and gradient colors of each of the 18 flowers mix together, creating a medley of color. For more information, visit

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