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Animated display for Brussels airport uses kinetic fabric

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In the next three years, some 75 million travelers passing through the Brussels Airport will be dazzled by an animated LED display that showcases the best of Flemish culture. The installation, placed above the length of a moving walkway, can be seen from up to 650 feet away. Photo: Toerisme Vlaanderen.

There are many “must sees” in the Flanders region of Belgium: charming cities and towns graced with medieval architecture, the paintings of the Flemish masters, historical sites, fashion, food and design.

The tourism bureau, Flanders Tourism (Toerisme Vlaanderen), wanted to give travelers flying into the Brussels Zarventem Airport a taste of the adventure that awaits. The bureau commissioned a kinetic installation that spans the space above of the airport’s main moving walkway. As visitors walk to the baggage area, they are met with an exciting display in pictures, video and lighting of all that the region has to offer.

The animated sculpture was designed by ACTLD, a Belgium-based lighting and visual environment designer that also oversaw the production. The installation is 230 feet long and includes a combination of more than 30,000 individually addressable low and medium resolution LEDs and panoramic video panels fitted in the ceiling above a kinetic fabric that refracts a light source placed inside its fibers—somewhat like a prismatic lens.

The content is run in a continual loop using a video server so that all visitors, whether they are rushing through the terminal or walking casually, enjoy the show that accompanies them through the walkway. For more information, visit

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