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Porte cochere defines luxury high-rise entrance

Exteriors | March 1, 2008 | By:

Sunmaster of Naples Inc. | Naples, Fla., United States

This porte cochere on an 18-story, 65-unit condo building in Naples, Fla., defines the luxury high-rise entrance and provides for weather-protected arrival via car. The frame consists of 25cm-diameter pipe ring, rafters and custom connectors—it was originally designed to hide the sprinkler pipes inside the rafters. The frame is essentially made in three segments: the curved back section, the front “crown” atop the concrete island, and the connecting rafters. The plate and cap connectors were manufactured in-house to accommodate the seven pipe rafters, as was the curved beam. The whole canopy, which won an Outstanding Achievement Award in the commercial canopies category of the 2007 International Achievement Awards, sits atop a contractor-supplied concrete island. The frame was dual-painted on-site with primer and polyurethane enamel.

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