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Eventscape wins 2010 IAA Award of Excellence

Interiors | November 7, 2010 | By:

Eventscape won an Award of Excellence in the commercial interiors category of the 2010 International Achievement Awards for this project involving the renovation of an existing retail store in Regina, SK, Canada. The store specializes in the sales and marketing of wireless devices, cable television and home security, and the renovation needed to redefine the look and feel of It would redefine the world of wireless retail though the benchmarks of discovery, innovation and imagination, mirroring the culture, vision and purpose of the company and brand. The design was undertaken by SSDG Interiors.

The new look and feel had to be youthful, action-oriented, vibrant, technology-savvy, social and fun. The primary complexity was in the parametric surface that was created for the Discovery Wall that comprised 75 percent of the store’s walled surface. The wall is made up of facets: 100 individually sized acrylic panels that were meticulously dimensioned through 3-D modeling to create the continuous complex curved transitions from one to the next.

Once the panel size was determined, the original 2-D graphic path had to be converted to 3-D to mirror the constant changes of the curved surface in X, Y and Z profile, which was then printed on the textile.

Eventscape created an online tutorial for the branding company to modify the image so all of the graphics registered from one panel to the next. Each tailored textile graphic was individually wrapped around the complex curved acrylic panels, then mounted to the hidden steel frame, making the wall like a 3-D puzzle.

Eventscape is continuing to work with the design firm and retailer on how this looks in B or C configurations in addition to the evolution of the premier locations.

Digital screens have the ability to change on a scheduled basis and store can be re-imaged by simply changing the graphic and textile skins to refresh the look and feel. Textile-wrapped panels provide a measure of acoustic dampening within the store.

The store is a hit with its customers and staff who appreciate the inventiveness of the environment along with the redefinition of the retail experience as they know it. The character of this location will be rolled out across the nearly 20 other stores through renovations of current properties and new locations.

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