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Fabric Structures Association produces Building Code Matrix resource

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The Fabric Structures Association (FSA) Building Code Matrix is a tool to help FSA members, architects, engineers and designers understand the building codes that are relevant to the type of fabric structure being designed. This resource provides definitions of and clarity to the applicable international standards for a variety of fabric structures. It is meant to be used a guideline for various structures.

David Hine Engineering Inc. was retained by the FSA to analyze and prepare a document that addresses fabric structures and their applicable international standards. The Code Matrix is based on the International Building Code (IBC), the International Fire Code (IFC) and various terms from the FSA.

Research was conducted by David Hine, David Hine Engineering Inc., and the FSA, and ended in January 2015. Information will be updated every two years.

The report provides a chart of definitions compiled from these sources and the applicable standards from the IBC and/or IFC.

The Code Matrix is available to all FSA members and architects that work with fabric structures. For more information, contact FSA division specialist Jill Newman at +1 651 225 6953 or

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