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Renson® sun shade louver and screen systems

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Renson®, a European developer and manufacturer of sun shading and ventilation system solutions, introduces its external sun shading product line, which includes the Icarus®, Sunclips® and Loggia® louver/panel, and Renson ZipShade® screen systems, as well as Cilium® convertible sun protection systems. Notably reducing the cooling load of a building while maintaining maximum outdoor visibility for occupants, Renson’s sun shading solutions facilitate an aesthetically appealing building exterior.

Renson louver/panel sun shade systems

Consisting of extruded aluminum airfoil or rectangular louvers for optimal sun protection, the Icarus® sun shading system is available with fixed or moveable louver options, and can be installed in horizontal or vertical configurations to achieve the desired shading effect.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and curved designs, Sunclips® extruded aluminum C-shaped louvers are mounted on a fixed supporting horizontal or vertical structure, and can accommodate more challenging architectural structures, including those with arched and rounded facades.

Loggia® UV-resistant aluminum panels provide the fixed or sliding frame into which Renson’s Icarus and Sunclips are affixed. Providing flexibility to meet specific application needs, including varying degrees of exterior visibility, Loggia panels allow for louvers to be positioned at a range of inclinations and pitches. In addition to a wide variety of panel designs featuring fixed aluminum louvers, Loggia panels are also available with movable and wooden louvers as well as fabric.

Offering an innovative and dynamic all-season sun shade solution, the Cilium® sun protection system features an aluminum frame that can be converted from a vertical shading system in front of an opening to a horizontal light-emitting position above the opening. Available with two types of Sunclips louvers, the Cilium system reduces heating and cooling loads inside a building by lessening exposure of glazed surfaces to the sun during the summer, while directing the sun’s warm rays inward during the winter.

Renson screen sun shade systems

The Renson® ZipShade® sun screen solution offers wind resistance and insect obstruction. Featuring an innovative zip system securely fastened to the edge of the screen, which is permanently held in place via the system’s side guides, the ZipShade sun screen delivers wind resistance in every position.

Providing an innovative vertical sun screen solution for surfaces up to 235 sq. ft., Renson’s ZipShade additionally features Connect & Go technology, with a patented waterproof electrical connection that facilitates the system’s fabric roller to be easily installed and removed. A cable slot in the system’s side channels allows for its electrical cable to be quickly and seamlessly concealed, and the ZipShade system at-large enables the possibility to connect two screens up to a 20-ft. width.

Designed for both new and retrofit residential and commercial projects, ZipShade incorporates a sleek box design, with a discreet bottom rail that integrates into the box. Two different designs are available: a square design with a minimalistic look, and a softline design that features a curved profile. The ZipShade system is available with fiberglass or Soltis® fabrics, both of which offer exceptional sun protection characteristics. It is also available with a blackout fabric option, as well as a variety of profile and screen color options.

The ZipShade® Top Max, featuring zip technology combined with specific engineering innovation for large-span horizontal sun shading applications, incorporates an integrated tension system that provides exceptional fabric tension performance to prevent large-span application challenges such as flapping and tearing. Providing sun screening against solar gain in highly glazed applications including large sky lights, glass ceilings and conservatories, the ZipShade Top Max is available with blackout interior or exterior fabric options for spans up to 323 sq. ft.

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