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Chella Textiles debuts inherently flameproof sheers

August 1st, 2016 / By: / Uncategorized

Chella Textiles has devised a way to fabricate inherently flameproof sheers. New PrometheusFR outdoor sheers exhibit the same colorfastness, mildew resistance and washability of Chella’s luxury performance textiles, plus they pass NFPA 701 small-scale vertical flame code for drapery.

“It’s common industry knowledge that water diminishes the effectiveness of factory-applied spray coatings,” says Lee Menichella, CEO of Chella Textiles. Once wet, most fire-resistant sheers are thereafter vulnerable to ignition. Chella claims to have solved that problem with its proprietary process of rendering fireproofing permanent.

“Inherent fireproofing is far superior to topical treatments,” Menichella says. “Just as color is built into the core of all Chella solution-dyed textiles, PrometheusFR’s fireproofing power is in the fiber.”

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