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Fabric Images Inc. wins IAA Award of Excellence

News | March 1, 2018 | By:

Fabric images Inc., Elgin, Ill., recently received the 2017 International Achievement Award of Excellence for a rooftop pool deck. As part of the renovation of a pool deck in Chicago, a 15-by 30-foot acoustical canopy was developed that would embody fluid motion and energy, provide a visual contrast of form and color, and control the noise common to a public pool area. The complex cross-hatched design was generated using automated 3-D modeling software, figuring in the curvatures, grid and integrated locking mechanisms, and cell size required to ensure adequate sound management within the space. Made with ezoBord™ acoustical felt material, the canopy acts as an acoustical sponge. The soft density of the material combined with the cellular design reduces noise by 60 percent and increases speech clarity. The felt slats were cut on a precision CNC cutter and labeled according to placement. Due to the large overall size, assembly took place in eight modules. The packaging of each was coordinated with the order of install. Between the careful planning and dedicated installation team, set-up was completed within one working day. Find more information at

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