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Retractable awning thrills homeowners

Exteriors | March 1, 2008 | By:

Craft-Bilt Mfg. Co. | Souderton, Pa., United States

These homeowners wanted to shade both their wide patio and spacious living room in their Haven Lake, Penn. home. Engineers designed and installed a 12m-by-4m awning, which won an Outstanding Achievement Award in the retractable awnings category of the 2007 International Achievement Awards, with a motor and wind sensor. The fabric was sewn in one piece in the factory, and the roller tube, hood, cover and sandstone-colored frame were shipped in two pieces and assembled at the jobsite. To ensure the integrity of the soffit mount, engineers designed custom brackets to hang the awning, pulled apart the existing soffit and reinforced the structure. The awning structure weighs more than 180kg and took a crew of five mechanics to safely install. The awning served both of its purposes, and a professional-looking finish thrilled the homeowners.

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